Yersinia pestis

Welcome to my blog.

Flickr people will know me as Yersinia.

Yersinia pestis

I’m an ex-scientist, trying to find a new way to earn a living and am toying with the idea of professional cake decorating. I’m also hoping to do some freelance writing on science and other areas of interest, and am currently doing a journalism course.

I love to take photos, and play Guess Where London, and have a fairly debilitating flickr addiction.

Last year, this blog was erratic and chiefly concerned with my training for the London Triathlon in August 2008. This year is likely to be equally erratic, but will be concerned with my exploration of London and the UK, on bike and on foot. Already I have a backlog of daytrips to blog.

As often happens, I was rather poorly over winter, but am feeling better now, and hope to get running again soon. I also need to cycle more regularly than I have been.


One response to “Yersinia pestis

  1. I searched for ‘Triathlon Photos’ and found your site – well done!

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