Monthly Archives: July 2009

Tigers in the bushes

Jersey Tiger Moth Underside tiger in the undergrowth

Lee Tiger and friend Jersey tiger moth

It’s been a while since I blogged, one way and another. Most recently (since June 22, I think), I’ve been laid up with a dodgy back, unable to cycle, sit or take public transport. After the first week the severity lessened, and I’ve been able to take shortish daily walks to local parks where I’ve become pretty obsessed with the variety of wildlife populating S E London.

Most of all, I’ve been noticing the spread of the beautiful Jersey Tiger Moth, Euplagia quadripunctaria. I’d never seen one before, and now I’ve seen 10, all within a short distance of the local railways. They were formerly regarded as a South Coast species in the UK, but a population is thought to have established itself in the Devonshire Road nature reserve in 2004, and they seem to have spread from there. There is a suggestion that they have spread by the railway, and the locations of my sightings would support the hypothesis.

Other London sightings: