Monthly Archives: October 2008

I hate this time of year

I don’t mind the cold. And although I hate long dark nights, they haven’t really begun to bite yet. And the autumn leaves look pretty.

What I hate is the plague of viruses that appears around now. No sooner do I get stuck into my 10% programme than I’m struck down with a cold. I’ve been incapable of doing much for the last week.

Before I really got bad I managed a swim – 20:39 for 800m. I think this is on the slow side for my current fitness, as I had the remains of a backache, which I’d got from trying a Body Combat class the previous week, and, as became apparent over the next few hours, the beginnings of this cold. But it gives me a target of 18:35. I’m hoping to do a bit better than that, though.

I’ve got my new shoes, and went out for a microminijog to try them out. They felt good, but I’ll have to wait till my cough goes to really put them through their paces. I’m slightly anxious about the running, as it’s now two weeks since I’ve been for a proper run.

The only compensation is that I lose my appetite when I get ill, which means that I’ve lost 1kg in the last week without making any effort. So less lard to lumber around, at least.