10% in 10 weeks?

I’m pleased to have got my first race under my belt. What next?

Well, I’m still a bit on the porky side, and I wasn’t exactly speedy. Unsurprising really, since when I signed up 3 weeks before the event, I’d never run the distance. It was also not a very fast course.

My swimming is also a bit lackadaisical. I know I can swim faster, if I get into the habit of going regularly. My cycling is by far my best discipline – lets leave that for the minute.

So: My aim is to improve by 10% in 10 weeks.

I dieted for about 3 months at the beginning of the year,. My weight has rebounded very slightly since then, though I’m still well within the “healthy” BMI range. So on Tuesday 16th September I was 73kg. A 10% loss would take me to 65.7kg, but I’m not too bothered if I don’t quite make that. I’m aiming for an average of 100g loss per day, but have lost a bit faster than that during the first two weeks. I’ve still got about 5kg to go to make the target.

I think I need to do a bit more than pootle up and down the pool. I also need to get into the habit of going at least twice a week. I didn’t swim between February and July, though I’ve gone quite a few times since then. I found a helpful site (swim4fitness) which has 10-session programmes of varying intensity. I aim to do one relaxed swimming session per week, and one session following the part 3 fitness programme from that site.

I haven’t measured my baseline swim speed yet. I will measure it this week over 800m.

I’ve ordered some new running shoes. Well, I think I have – I haven’t actually received a confirmation e-mail. The next couple of weeks, I just intend to keep the distance up, and to go for regular relaxed runs without my Garmin to put pressure on me.

Then I’m going to try the Runner’s World 8 week 3x per week 10K training plan, targeting a race at Worthing on December 6th. The plan includes all sorts of technical stuff such as interval running, tempo runs etc. If I find it’s too much I may switch to a simpler plan.

I’m targeting a 10% improvement on my Alice Holt race – that would be 56:41. The weight loss should help, but I’m also going to have to get fitter. It should be feasible – The Alice Holt race was only the third time I’d covered the distance, and was a pretty technical course.


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