Monthly Archives: February 2008

Triathlon goals

State of play, end of February.

There have been a few disturbances to my intended schedule:

Firstly, my bike was stolen. This also affected my swimming, as the pool is at least a couple of miles away, with no easy public transport link. Having to walk there and back makes the exercise very time-consuming.

Secondly, I haven’t been very well in the second half of February. I had fairly severe skin soreness in the cold weather, followed by stomach upsets, apparently caused by coffee intolerance, followed by caffeine withdrawal headaches when I tried to sort that out. Ho hum.

Taking this into account, I’m reasonably happy with where I’ve got to so far:

Have run max of 45 minutes continuously. Have run two or three times per week. Can run 5km in 32:48 at comfortable speed (measured a couple of weeks ago before I got poorly).

Have swum < two times per week on average. Have recently suffered a bout of very sore, dry skin, and haven’t wanted to risk the chlorine followed by a walk home in the cold.

Can easily swim 750m in front crawl. Can swim 30s lengths for couple of lengths, but I have to slow down a bit to swim 750m.

SPL (average): 22

SPL (minimum): 17

Was cycling until my bike got stolen. Have just received my new bike, and bought a cycle computer to log progress.

Have averaged 1660 kcal per day since 21st January. Have lost 6.2kg since that date. Am now within “healthy” range, but I need to lose quite a lot more to be race fit.

General health and fitness:
Quite good until the last couple of weeks. No migraines or fainting. No colds or flu.

Done masses of walking (well, with no bike, I have little choice).

My arms and legs are becoming noticeably more toned, but I have no abs to speak of.

Goals for March:

Run 3x per week (2 short, 1 long, or 1 short, 1 medium, 1 long). Increase duration of long run conservatively. Be able to run 60 minutes continuously by 31st March. Try to include some gentle speedwork on some of the shorter runs.

Maybe buy some new running shoes. I’m currently running in *ahem* “Aldi Technical Jogging Shoes”. They don’t seem to have caused me any problem, and I’m not sure whether the whole running shoe industry is largely a con, but since I’ll be increasing my volume of running, it might be better to be safe than sorry.

Swim 3x per week. Make one of these a 1-hour session. Try to get to pool a bit earlier to maximise lane-swimming time. Incorporate drills, rather than just ploughing up and down. Aim to reduce SPL. Visit Command Baths (50m pool) when I go home.

Ride regularly, now that I have a bike again. Try to get at least one long ride in per week. Do a bit of Fartlek. Get gear to build racing wheels onto my MA2s.

Continue on 1600-1700kcal per day if possible. Aim to lose 3kg in the month.

I really should try to do some core exercises and stretching. And limit the coffee.