In at the deep end

Downham swimming pool

Originally uploaded by Cllr Chris Best

I went swimming for the first time today. Downham Leisure Centre and Library was only completed under a year ago, and as a result, is as clean and modern as a public pool is likely to be.

The pool wasn’t busy, and I had a lane entirely to myself. I was happy to find I could swim faster and further than I had thought I’d be able to after such a long lay-off. I swam for slightly over half an hour with rests, and managed 45 lengths of mixed breaststroke and crawl, which aint bad for a first time in over seven years. It felt good, but I’m feeling quite tired and a bit achey now.

My only real problem was that my swimsuit was slightly loose. I dove in and almost dove out. Need to sort that out fairly promptly.

I spoke to a chap at the centre about joining to use the gym. I told him that I was doing the triathlon, and he couldn’t seem to get his head round the fact that I wasn’t interested in treadmills, stationary bikes or spinning classes. I can get all the running and cycling I need outside, without feeling that I’m on a hamster wheel.

What a gym and classes might be useful for is focussed strength training and flexibility exercises, building core stability, adding variety and bringing my training together. I’ve done a very small amount of gym work before. I didn’t exactly find it unpleasant but so-o-o-o-o boring. I’ve never done a class, but I can see how the regular discipline of a class could be helpful.

I might consider joining later in the year, but I’m not sure that I need it yet. Fitting in workouts for all three disciplines is challenging enough for the moment, so I’ll wait until I’m accustomed to that before taking on any more.


2 responses to “In at the deep end

  1. The pool wasn’t busy, and I had a lane entirely to myself. … and that is fantastic! I have the “pool-time” to go … :P

    I think with a my friend to try triathlon … but I’m not sure.

    Do you say if swimming can create a “muscolar problem” in the ciclyng? I talk about the specific muscolar and body posture.

    bye :)

  2. I don’t know. I think that for a beginner like me, they probably work as beneficial cross-training.

    Maybe it would create more of a problem for a specialist who was really good at one of the disciplines, but I’m not really qualified to comment on that.

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